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Telus Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Telus Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
This smartphone arrived on markets joined by the most advanced hardware of our times, and even that fascinated millions of fans, the most amazing inovations are related the its software improvements.

Telus prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

In a few words, I'll try to describe Telus offers! So, the cheapest Galaxy S4 from Tellus can be obtained only with a 3 yearly plan (it's too much) for $199. Also, the most expensive version costs $700 for an unlocked smartphone.
Of course, every man have his preferences for the way he will get this smartphone, but in my opinion, I would choose the unlocked version because it's cheaper (for long term), and in a few months or after one year I'll get another future smartphone, that will be more powerful: maybe Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 or whatever will arrive on global markets.

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