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Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

AT&T made today an official announcement, communicating that they Will be launching this device in the U.S. and will take preorders starting tomorrow, When first devices will already be in stores, being available for a $199 price for a 2 year contract.

This latest smartphone will be available in two versions: Urban Gray and Blue Dive and will have the great advantage of being waterproof, a very special feature that will be very useful in many life situations.

It will have a very powerful configuration, a 5 inches screen, a quad core Snapdragon 600 high performance, and the latest battery of 2600 mAh. However, prospective customers of this device will be delighted with special features related with its water resistance.

Just think how useful this water and dust resistant smartphone can be in summer vacations, on the beach or spending your vacation on camping. A very powerful device, durable and with a great, modern and beautiful design at the same time. What could you possibly want more?

Most important: