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Best-selling smartphone of all times

According to official sources within the company, Samsung Galaxy S4 is already the best selling smartphone of all time, only after two weeks from its availability for selling.
In just two weeks were shipped over 6 million units, representing an extraordinarily high figure, so the South Korean company having much bigger sales than last year with previous version, S3. Last year Samsung managed to sell in 50 days only about 10 million units, making it a very visible increase in sales this year, it is a huge growth in just two weeks.

Being equipped with a 5 inches full HD display, with a high-performance Snapdragon 600 1,9 Ghz processor, with an amazing camera resolution of 13 MP, 2GB of memory and 64GB storage capacity, this latest smartphone is truly amazing. The south korean company's statistics show a volume of sales of more than 100 milion units, while Galaxy S3 has sold only in 60 million units by this time.
Meanwhile rumors multiply on the difficulties faced by Apple, the most feared competitor of Samsung, for the production of the next model iPhone 6, which will have a much larger display just to be able to keep up with the Galaxy S versions. I am one of enthusiasts who have already purchased this amazing device, and I am very pleased with all the special features that it has.

U.S. Cellular prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

U.S. Cellular prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
Until now it's the most wished smartphone of 2013 for an important number of people from the entire world, and the most motivating factors are related to its new inovative hardware and software technologies.

U.S. Cellular prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Until yesterday I believed that at T-Mobile can be found the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4, but I was wrong! U.S. Cellular has even a better price for Galaxy S4: $99 for a 2 yearly plan (only for new customers). Also, for an existing client, the price is $199 for a 2 year contract. Also, for current customers U.S. Cellular has 2 offers at the same price: add a line or upgrade/renewal.
Before choosing the way of getting an S4 you shoud take in consideration that is very possible to wish another smartphone in the next year, so, think twice before to your needs and the smartphones of the near future.

Verizon prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Verizon prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
During the first rumors arrived in the world, this smartphone have got the attention of millions of people, because new hardware and software inovations was expected to join this mobile device.

Verizon prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

On the american market, until now, this mobile carrier doesn't have the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 - it can be found at its main competitor: T-Mobile. So, lets talk about Verizon Wireless offers! The cheapest way to get an S4 from Verizon is to get it at $199 via a 2 yearly plan. Also, the expensive way includes this smartphone at $649 for a month to month contract.
Of course, many of you would like to know what's the best choice. So, in my vision, if I would plan to get a new feature smartphone sooner than 2 years, then I choose a month to month plan, else... the next Verizon option.

T-Mobile prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

T-Mobile prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

When its hardware and software specs was announced, millions of people hopped to get this smartphone in their hands as soon as possible.

T-Mobile prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

If I'm right, at T-Mobile you can get the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 from United States. So, for a two yearly plan you can have an S4 at only $149. Also, the plan is at a very low level if you compare it with its competitors. More than, you can get this smartphone without a contract at $649 - it's a better price than its rivals' offers.
Many people are intrigued by another dilema: what's the best choice - getting a Galaxy S4 with or without a contract? Well... if you take in consideration that the cheapest S4 imply a 2 yearly plan and you are not wishing another smartphone in next 2 years, then it would be a good choice! Else, you could choose the little more expensive way, but also you should think that a plan for internet will be necessary.

AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

This was one of the firsts US mobile carriers that brought S4 on american market, and amazed many fans with its unbeatable hardware and software specifications.

AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

This mobile operator has 3 offers for S4, and I think only one could be a smart choice. So, the cheapest price of AT&T for a Samsung Galaxy S4 is $199 at 2 yearly plan! A little more expensive is to choose S4 for  one year contract ($499), and for a month to month plan it costs you $639.

What's the best choice?

Hmmm... it's easy to ask, but very dificult to find it! The best choice would start to reflect the basic and advanced needs of every single one, but you should take in consideration that next year or maybe after two years, your S4 will be a little obsolete, so, in my vision the best choice would take place between a month to month plan and 1 year contract.

Rogers prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Since it was officially released, S4 shocked millions of people with its amazing features, provided by many powerful and inovative hardware and software components.

Rogers prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

So, let me to introduce you in the area of Rogers Wireless offers for Galaxy S4! If you'll choose to get this smartphone with a low budget, then it will cost you $199 for a 3 yearly plan. Also, for an unlocked version you'll get S4 at $699!
After a closer look at Rogers' offers for S4, you will realise that the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 is the unlocked version and the best choice, because for a long term the yearly plan will cost you arround $1800 for 3 years. Even more, in next three years, the most probable you'll get another smartphone, because S4 will be an old piece of mobile device.

Telus Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Telus Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
This smartphone arrived on markets joined by the most advanced hardware of our times, and even that fascinated millions of fans, the most amazing inovations are related the its software improvements.

Telus prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

In a few words, I'll try to describe Telus offers! So, the cheapest Galaxy S4 from Tellus can be obtained only with a 3 yearly plan (it's too much) for $199. Also, the most expensive version costs $700 for an unlocked smartphone.
Of course, every man have his preferences for the way he will get this smartphone, but in my opinion, I would choose the unlocked version because it's cheaper (for long term), and in a few months or after one year I'll get another future smartphone, that will be more powerful: maybe Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 or whatever will arrive on global markets.

Bell Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Bell Mobility Samsung Galaxy S4 prices
Until now it's one of the most powerfull smartphones available on global market, and millions of people are fascinated by this wonderful inovation of 2013.

Bell prices for Samsung Galaxy S4!

In a few sentences, I will try to ilustrate Bell's Galaxy S4 prices! So, on a 3 yearly plan (it's too much, and your smartphone will became unusefull for market's need), you can get Samsung Galaxy S4 at $199, and without contract you must to pay $699.
Anyway, it's your dilema about what way you'll choose, but in my opinion I'd choose to get the unlocked version, because for long term it's cheapper. Yes, it's true that an S4 without an internet connection isn't usefull, but thiking at the alternatives to get it connected to a permanent internet connection, I'm still keep my mind.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

In this article we will see who is winning the battle between two largest competitors in the smartphones market for the moment Reviewing all technical features of the two and highlighting the strengths of each, so having a full comparison of the two.
The rivalry between the two major players is not new, in recent years both racing to bring for their customers better products, both wanting to maintain its leading positions in certain segments.

Apple's devices has the advantage of having simple and compact design, finished in high quality materials, while the South Korean company has a larger screen, very appropriate and very useful for multimedia applications.

The beauty of Apple's smartphone is undeniable, its modern design and premium quality materials of which it is made, such glass and aluminum, in these conditions Samsung has no way of winning in this chapter only because it is thinner, slightly bigger, with an amazing 5 inches display. Both smartphoes can be operated with one hand.

The South Korean smartphone does not impress very much by its plastic case, but this drawback is offset by the fact that it is very easy and very pleasant to touch, however, it is very much improved compared to the previous version, S3.

With a thickness of just 0.25 inches, S4 is much thinner than his Apple competitor, being at the same time longer and wider than this. In terms of size, people are putting greater emphasis on Apple's performances, while Samsung values both performance and the ability to use its devices for a wide range of multimedia applications like watching your favorite movies or video tracks, with a very high resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

Samsung's smartphones is left behind by its Apple rival in terms brightness, iPhone 5 having around 535 lux light for each meter, so with nearly 200 more than Galaxy S4, thus might displease S4 owners who outside, in the sun, at reading, are experiencing serious failure of the display.

The sound quality is better at S4, but instead, iPhone 5 has better options for setting it, having the speakers on the bottom. However, your favorite song will be very well heard from the other side of an office and nobody will realize that your smartphone is actually a very powerful device that brings these clearer and louder sounds closer to you. Samsung's interface is much easier to use, more simple and intuitive, thus making Samsung Galaxy S4 much desired for more categories of buyers.

Where S4 exceeds the real competition is the multitasking, si it can support simultaneous running of multiple applications, due to its high-performance processor, due to its memory, but also due ti its large storage capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB or even 64 GB that is available.

For the less experienced users, S4 has the option of Multi Window Menu, which allows running two or more applications simultaneously on screen, at the same time, such as, for example, you can check your Facebook status while watching a trailer on youtube, etc..

iPhone 5 is very easy for typing different texts, but Galaxy S4 goes a step further, having technologies in this field, with Swiftkey option and settings for predictions or even voice typing words, making thus this latest smartphone more useful for many life situations.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

The 13 MP rear camera and the 2MP front camera are also special features that can be found in some professional camera equipment, which is another advantage for this very powerful smartphone for being in the top choice for fun and also for many other multimedia applications.

So, here are just some of the strengths of this latest smartphone from Samsung, and for more technical specifications, you can also refer to the other posts on this blog.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

After the long awaited release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the south korean company prepares for those interested in its mini version, a big surpise, according to information we have so far, it will be launched next month. The initial launch was to take place earlier, but the South Korean company is experiencing some difficulties in producing memories for the widest range of devices that it has on sale.
Recently appeared photos of this model show that it will have a screen of 4.3 inches, the mini version following the last year tradition that had great success with S3 Mini. The motivation for this mini versions release is to provide the opportunity to enjoy the best and unique features of this amazing device for as many types of buyers at lower prices.

According to recent rumors, this mini version will have a 1.6 GHz very powerful processor, an 8 MP camera, and until now we do not have more information about its starting price, but I will keep you updated with the latest information about its launch. The South Korean campany surprises do not stop here, because for 2013 Samsung has planned the launch of a new tablet, the Galaxy S4 Active that will amaze and impress with its performance and with the fact that it will be dustproof and waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
With 1Gb or 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 32 GB, this mini version will have a very good battery, 2100 mAh and it will benefit from all the advanced features of the Android 4.0 operating system. On this blog you will find all the information you need to make great deals and for choosing the best smartphones that suit your needs.

Useful features of Samsung Galaxy S4

This latest smartphone has many best features, the most powerful at the moment, so in this article I will describe a few of them that I thought were most interesting to me. These innovative and amazing features make it one of the most desired gadgets of the moment, here are some of them, and the competition with Apple has successfully been won by Samsung with the latest high-performance smartphones launched in recent years.
This smartphone has come up with a completely different vision and it is equipped with features for eyes recognition, hand gestures, as well as high-performance hardware components, with an updated processor compared to the previous version. Samsung Galaxy S4 has the same size as the previous version, but also has a larger display, and its Android OS comes with many improvements, such this smartphone getting to be much more efficient and easier the used.

The only criticism that can be brought to them is that the casing is still made from plastic materials, and thereby does not look as stylish as that of its main competitors HTC One or iPhone. From a distance nobody will realize that you have the latest model of smartphone, because it is very similar in appearance to previous version, Galaxy S3.

Its lifetime battery is 20% higher, so you can use the device a longer period of time or you can run multiple applications simultaneously with greater complexity. Also, its storage capacity can be expanded with a memory card, which can bring envy of its main competitors.

With the Smart scroll you can very easily recognize eye movements and thus works when you have to save energy and the buyer is not looking at the display, or when you read web pages or emails and they are scrolled by this feature when you get to look at the point that would require moving to the next page.

With Air View each buyer can only gesture at the smartphone's screen and it will execute the commands without the need of activating the menu, and the Air Gestures sensor is very useful, for exemple, when you eat and your hands are greasy, so this new feature really proving its worth.

The S Translator can translate instantly, as in science fiction movies, any text from any language, so you will not have any problems in communication during your holidays in exotic or isolated locations.

The camera of this amazing smartphone is very performance and it has a resolution similar to that of professional cameras with settings for processing and obtaining outstanding special effects, dual shot, animated photo, or drama shot.

Useful features of Samsung Galaxy S4
In Easy Mode using this smartphone is very pleasant, so until the least experienced users can easily use the camera, email, phone, internet, messaging, calendar, browsers, etc..

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best choice for buyers from various industries and for all categories of population, and each of these features is ideal for both social media and for more complex application, thus being modern and nice and fast and very showy in the same time, those are just a few reasons why this smartphone deserves to be the top choice of interested customers.

Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you are looking for special Cases for your new smartphone, this article will help you a lot. Compared to its competitor iPhone which has many cases available, this smartphone's options are more limited, buyers only having limited choices.
My suggestion is to take into account criteria such as design, usefulness, ease of use, affordable prices, and of course, to avoid counterfeit products, because while an original case costs between $30 and $50, a counterfeiting case with a lower quality only costs around $10. Anyway, the most important is the buyers preferences, their taste is often even more important than quality.

This just released smartphone is already available for sale at all major retailers and on other sites like Amazon, it amazes with the hardware components and also with many other special and unique features.

Having the last year experience of its S3 predecessor which had a record volume of sales and was greatly admired and preferred by tens of millions of customers, this year expectations are even higher.

The market expects like the S4 model to be even better than the Galaxy S3, and Samsung has thought about the casing strategy for an adapted case for its display, called View Cover, the novelty of this is given by that this case fits very well and allows you to see notifications without the need to remove the device from the case.

Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S4
This case was specifically designed for S4 and since it has a much larger screen, so it has a higher need for its protection.This official casing produced by the South Korean company is called S View Cover and it has the advantage that in addition to the protection offered it is also very useful, allowing reading the notifications direct on the screen where they are displayed, direct through the hole, so through this case you can check time or an incoming call could be taken or you could see real time updates from your facebook account.

This Samsung Galaxy S4 is very powerful, and attention for the smallest details is seen in the way this case has been specifically designed  for this model. I personally believe that this case is funny, useful, with a great design, and I highly recommend using them to enjoy all the benefits offered.

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