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Samsung Galaxy S6 Software will get some changes

Samsung Galaxy S6 Software will get some changes

Smartphone enthusiasts often criticize Samsung for creating the software on its handsets too heavy due to all the apps included. Some beneficial features are indeed integrated in Samsung’s customizations. However, some users are annoyed with the heavy load of the software and suggested the company to produce cleaner software. I am one of those who support the cleaner version of Samsung software. And these days Samsung will eventually answer our wishes. It makes some major changes to the software which empower Samsung Galaxy S6.

The handset will be accompanied by the Android, so there is no significant change on that front. But here is the thing I would like to highlight. Samsung will remove many of its pre-installed apps that make the handset heavy. You probably won’t see S Health and S Voice anymore right after purchasing. Instead, the users will be offered with the software through Galaxy Apps store.

One inevitable aspect is that Samsung will pre-install some of Microsoft Apps due to its recent agreement with the respectable company. You will be expected to see OneNote, OneDrive, and Office Mobile with free subscription. And those who love to web cam chat, Skype would be also pre-installed in the device.

Samsung will be adding more colors to the S6. Users will have broad choices for theming their phone. It also allows them to pick 4x4, 4x5, and 5x5 icon layouts for the application drawer.

Samsung confirmed this changes news in the Mobile World Congress 2015. The company will finally reveal its new generation handset. Many speculations have emerged but I have come with the conclusion that S6 release date might be on 22nd of March.

So for the software, it seems like Samsung has been making major improvements of its software. Acknowledging that 3 basic apps of Microsoft pre-installed in the Samsung Device lead me to another conclusion that Microsoft is having a big move right now. It also confirm what the CEO Satya Nadella stated about the Microsoft expansions for outer platforms.

Microsoft has released certain apps for iOS and Android since earlier 2014. This includes starting from Outlook Mail App to Skype chat messenger. The company itself is ready to invest $70 million to build its own version of Android, leading to another conclusion that Android would be apart from Google.

Installing Microsoft apps in popular and most awaited gadget like S6 can be a real deal for the company, of course in positive way. This will benefits the company a lot. However, Samsung would also receive benefits since Microsoft fans are getting familiar with pre-installed Microsoft apps in Android devices.

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