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Samsung Galaxy S6 - Non-Sponsored Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Review

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is here and it is very fascinating.

It comes with metal chassis, and glass covering the front and back. S6 Edge has racy green finish to the body but it comes with alternative colors such as charcoal, white, and gold. The finish is described as “jewel-like”. However, Samsung’s fans must agree that it looks classier.

The glass back and the front screen edges curve very well. The screen uses QHD Super AMOLED screen. Correct, no more 4K screen. But that was not rumored after all. Unlike the predecessors, it is lighter in weight. It feels solid and well-balanced. You can prove it by holding it in your hand.

You can see the power button is located in the center of the right side of the phone. The volume controls are high up on the left side, which means a strategic place to tap the volume via your left thumb. There are many more from the bottom edge such as headphone jack, microUSB and power boosted speaker. Insiders of Samsung stated that it is 1.5 x louder than its predecessor but I am not quite sure the reality since I’ve not tried and compared it.

The battery capacity is 2550mAh, slightly smaller than S6 Edge which has 2600mAh. But the upside is that it has wireless charging built in, compatible with optional Samsung Charger. This is compatible with generally wireless charge shared points such as McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC, etc. The other thing to thumbs up is that the charging rate is speedy. You can watch your favorite HD movies for 2 hours just by charging the battery for 10 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has 32, 62, or 128GB of memory built in. That can be an issue if you want to store a lot of large files in your device. Camera lens are located on the back. The front is 5 MP, and 16 MP in the back. Well, that is definitely a significant change. Both are made for authentic camera users.

So, let’s take a look a bit at the technical specs:

Screen: 5.1in, QHD (Quad High Definition), Super AMOLED, 572pps, 1440x2560;
Processor: 64-bit Exynos, 14nm process;
RAM: 3GB LPDDR4 (it means the clock frequency of RAM is 1600 MHz and the data transfer rate is 3200 MT/s);
Storage: 32/64/128GB using UFS 2.0 tech – no microSD (a great minus);
Camera: 16MP, f1.9, Smart OIS, HDR (rear); 5MP, f1.9, HDR (front);
Battery: 2550mAh (non-removable - WTF?);
Dimensions: 143.4x70.5x6.8mm, 138g;
Colours: S6 is available in white, charcoal, gold, and blue.

Overall, it is such a remarkable smartphone but with the existence of S6 Edge, the fans can be hardly choose the best handset for them. Well, I personally choose S6 Edge over S6. How about you?

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