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AnTuTu benchmark shows Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge main specs

AnTuTu Benchmark shows Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge main Specs

The Galaxy S6 leaked rumors have been tagging along. It is about just weeks left to the official revealing of Samsung next generation handset. Now I have such a benchmark result that hopefully will come real in the market.

As reviewed by both insiders and big fans of Galaxy series, there are no significant major surprises I have found. The listing claimed that the specifications’ rumors have been toughly leaked in the past. The display was expected 5.1 Inches 1440 x 2560 display, while the memory was around 3GB of RAM. Then there was 20 MP camera and the Exynos 7420 processor. The last aspect of the specification is an important factor.

It aids to conclude the speculation that Samsung will be sporting the 14nm Exynos processor instead of Qualcomm stuff. People who are fond of Qualcomm chip perhaps need adjustment of dealing with Exynos if it is confirmed to be true. Qualcomm itself claimed that it lost major clients for the Snapdragon Processor. However, Samsung still need Qualcomm existence to support the other versions of Galaxy.

I’d like to say the benchmark score is about 60,980. Of course benchmark scores are very flexible. They mean nothing for the handset enthusiasts. Come with slimmed-down OS, the fast Exynos 7420 processor can bring the nice and smooth experience that has so far evaded the Galaxy S devices. This can be the new breakthrough in the Galaxy series. However, nothing is to be claimed until S6 and S6 Edge are officially released.

The unavoidable situation occurred – the commencing S6 Edge has been captured sporting a pass via the AnTuTu benchmarking suite. As first, the S6 Edge model was SM- G925W8. Yeah, I know that is a lot of numerals and letters mashed up in the model name.

The next thing to discuss for the specs is the 5.1 inches display, Samsung would use Super AMOLED with super high resolution of 1440 x 2560 (576 pp), 32GB default internal storage, a 20MP Rear camera, an amazing 5 MP front camera. Speaking of which, most of the speculations that we think they are true about S6 Edge has gradually come to the real deal.

It is undeniable that the processor Exynos 7420 will give finer performance since it is improved compared to the older version 5433. That is obviously a welcoming news. The S6 Edge will be unpacked in the 1st March. It is just few short weeks away. So do stay tuned and prepare your pocket to purchase.

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