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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Non-Sponsored Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Non-Sponsored Review

The commencing of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is finally official. After weeks of rumors and speculations we finally have the first look at the new Samsung Galaxy S6. You definitely heard about Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and wonder what are the differences.

Well, both of them are basically the same in specifications. However, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has slightly larger battery, 2600 mAh, while S6 2550 mAh (non-removable battery - what?). One cool feature that I’d like to highlight is the speedy charge of the device. You can watch your favorite HD movie for 2 hours from just 10 minutes charging while are able to use the smartphone normally. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge uses Octa-Core processor which runs 4 cores at 2.1 GHz and four at 1.5 GHz, 3GB of RAM LPDDR4, 16Mp primary camera (why not 20Mp or more?), 5Mp secondary camera, no micro-SD slot (since when Samsung is following Apple?), and no FM radio support.

Looking back when Samsung announced that the new line of devices would be using new commencing processors, it is stated that the battery savings of 35% were quite possible. If the company can make it, then the downsized of the battery capacity should not be a big deal. On Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, some menus can be dragged from the side in the display.

Edge is absolutely adorable and stylish. And sadly, I can’t say that Edge is not better than S6. And it indirectly make S6 look a bit bland. When the leaks existed, insiders told about the improvement of screen like Note 4 in the S6 Edge. Now, we can notice that S6 Edge has a screen that extends over both sides.

The size of the Edge is that it is reasonably small. But this small thing has remarkable performance that should be thumbed up. The Samsung S6 Edge display have useful information as well. You can always see the financial data, weather forecast, and usual news headlines. As the name suggests, a quick swipe of the edge display will trigger the appearance of information while other part of the screen stays rest. S6 Edge is slightly lighter than S6.It is pleasure to hold the device since it does not feel heavy at all.

Samsung also improved the security as well, especially to track down the missing device. It has improved its service like “find my mobile” so that it can activate ultra-power saving mode, which will allow the phone to stay a little bit longer, and it can improve the opportunity to track down the missing device.

There is also a fingerprint scanner like the predecessor owns. However, the home button looks smaller, answering some issues that were experienced by former users of S5.

I can’t wait to hear your story. Just get a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in your hands and let me know what you think.

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