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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might get microSD card slot and removable battery

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might get microSD card slot and removable battery

Most of the Android fans are still annoyed with tough decision the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge offers must-have features. Samsung seems to do a hard work in developing their Samsung Galaxy S6 models that will solve the biggest issues that folks seems to have with the original ones.

Though you have probably accepted the fate that both Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge come without microSD card, some people are convinced to accept fact that Samsung's new flagship handsets have insanely fast built-in storage that must overwhelm everything from their competitors and deliver high SSD-ugrade speeds. However, some loyal android participants are not still satisfied that Samsung dediced to leave out the expandable memory when producing the handsets.

Furthermore, Galaxy S6 does not have removable battery, which could be bigger problem for many Android loyal fans. However, Samsung insiders confirmed that the expecting Samsung Galaxy S6 active version will indeed come with microSD slot. This is of course such a relieve for the loyal android fans. The handset might be possibly have a removable battery.

The rugged Active model will come with similarity of the original S6. It comes with the same hardware too. However, if you expect it would be an exact replica of the S6, it will not give you what you expect. It comes to certain components, but there must be some differences. In fact, Samsung itself claims that they plan to make some prominent changes.

One of makes me disapopointed is the lower grade camera. But thanks God, there is still optical image stabilization. Some of Samsung Fans would be probably disappointed since they will remove fingerprint and heart rate sensors in the Active model.

As the rumors leaked, The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will be expectingly launched this summer. However, it is still not clear about the exact date when this handset hits the store.

But I can review one response from the Samsung. It does heard what fans want. With the commencing of microSD slot support, it was indicated that Samsung wants to make its product more comparable to their competitors.

Please keep in mind that the authenticity of this news can not be confirmed yet. One Samsung Insiders leak the information about S6 Active does not mean it is true. With that said, the information is still expected to be considered regarding the Galaxy S6 Active will be coming.

So, what do you think?

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