Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories: Cases, Wallets, Screen Protectors, Chargers, etc.

TOP 5 Best Galaxy S5 Wallets

After several searches and reading many customer reviews about wallets designed for Samsung Galaxy S5, finally, I made a list with best recommendations.

Galaxy S5 Case, Spigen® [Stand Feature] Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Wallet [Wallet S] [Black] *2-Year Warranty* Premium Slim Wallet Case with STAND Flip Cover for Galaxy S5 / Galaxy SV / Galaxy S V (2014) - ECO-Friendly Packaging - Black (SGP10818)

It's made from synthetic leather, has special slots for adding IDs and Cards (not too many...), it uses an ultra slim folio to reduce its weight and size, it's confortable, luxurious and has many positive recommendations from it's existing buyers.

SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy S5 Case - Premium Wallet Leather Case (Black, Built-in Credit Card/ID Card Slot)

This wallet is made form synthetic leather, has a built-in slot to add usually two credit cards, the magnetic closure is working very fine, it offer a high protection for your smartphone against scratches and drops, and it seems to be a high durable wallet.

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Case - Slim Leather Wallet Book Cover with Stand Feature and Credit Card ID Holders (Samsung Galaxy S5, Black)

It's very cheap, it's made from vagan leather and offers full support for your gadget functions (including heartbeat sensor and the finger print scanner), the material will offer a high protection against shocks and scratches, it has 3 slots for adding up to 3 cards into your Galaxy S5 wallet.

Q Card Case by CM4
Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallet Case - Q Card Case by CM4 - Pacific Green

This wallet is awesome... It was designed for two main purposes: to protect your smartphone and to make your life simpler. You can carry up to 3 cards plus some cash, it has a build-in audio amplifier, and it offers you full control to all functions of your gadget.

Kroo Urban
Kroo Urban Black / Mint Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

This wallet is made from a superior synthetic leather and it offers a high protection against any shocks and scratches. The most impressive feature is its solid that can carry up to 5 credit cards or IDs, plus some cash or even documents. Also, I find this wallet a jewelry for any women who owns a Galaxy S5.

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