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Best Bumpies for Samsung Galaxy S5

Bumpies for Samsung Galaxy S5

The best way to free you smartphone from using cases is to use bumpies - in order to keep your S5 thin, fast accessible and small enough to be worn/kept on almost clothes and bags.
Bumpies are considered a revolutionary product that has a smart use for almost all smartphones, it offers a high protection against shocks due to durable materials that are designed to keep safe your Galaxy S5 and make it free from using any case or wallet anymore...

There is used a technology called ProDyn impact dissipating, that have the major role to protect your S5 against almost all drops on flat surfaces. These bumpies can be very easy installed on your device - it's not complicated. Also, related to bumpies exists a little problem: the access to your S5 battery will be blocked, but usually is no reason to remove your battery from your smartphone, except the service maintainance cases that can happen one time in a few years...

Where to get Bumpies for Galaxy S5?

On the internet are many websites that sell bumpies, but cheapest and high quality products can be found here!

How to install Bumpies on S5 - video tutorial:

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