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TOP 5 Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

TOP best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is continued in this post with other 5 special and unique features of this amazing smartphone that can be preordered starting April 16th at T-Mobile and AT&T or from other online sites like Amazon.
Photo Cinema is the best feature that allows you to view directly from your smartphone your favorite movies at an amazingly good image quality, but mostly Cinema Photo helps you realize all kinds of animations and special effects, for example it can shoot and highlight a photo , underline those elements and areas of the photo that are important for them to be admired for all your friends. Because of this particular feature, you can remove some elements of an image that you simply dont want by using this special features that this smartphone has.

Other special features that you have to remember from this top is group play and gaming group, which allows buyers to turn their smartphones in speakers, which then function as a performante stereo device. With group play feature all connected devices can, for example to sing the same song that was shared between them, or other multimedia in that way.

Shot Eraser can be used to delete the photos you dont want or some unwanted persons from decor, that do not fit with the important moments in your life that are photographed. Think about how this particular feature is useful when shooting your child learn to walk or when you leave school and the decor includes elements that spoil the good memories, well, with this special and unique feature you do not have to worry about this any more.

The photo reader application automatically reads data in any language from a card, without having to stop being forced to make settings in this matter or to make backups for important data that you need, simply launch this application for any photo, from any language, and it would be translated instantly in your native language.

Story album is the last feature that i had included in this top, and it works this way: it can automatically sort all the photos that you shoot in albums, according to the date they were taken or depending on the location in which were photographed, then the album can be renamed and given a cover photo, so your holidays and all the good times are easy to find and organized very simply by this special feature of the Galaxy S4.

Here we have another 5 reasons for you to preorder this amazing smartphone, but not until you read more about it on this blog.

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