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Drop resistance test - How strong is Samsung Galaxy S4?

In this article you will find out how this just released smartphone did on resistance tests compared with some of its biggestcompetitors.
Smartphone was thrown on hard surfaces from different heights, from the pants pocket or from the pocket of the shirt, to test how he handled these situations that any buyer may face at some point. For the beginning I say that things started to get even more interesting when the smartphone was dropped from even larger heights.larger.

Samsung Galaxy S4 began to show their limits when he fell from a height of seven foot, at which struck down with an edge and had the first crack in the screen, the crack was not all over the screen, so  the smartphone continued to work. But this device from Samsung has done much worse on this test than its main competitor, iPhone5, who suffered, unlike it, much less damage.

For a gadget so powerful which has the slogan "life companion", drop resistance may be useful in many circumstances because some accidents are inevitable, but unfortunately at this endurance test S4 did not do so well, even fared worse than earlier S3 version, being more fragile than this at official tests.
Drop resistance test - How strong is Samsung Galaxy S4?

The total score obtained was seven, that even half a point lower than the last year won by its previous version, the explanation of this fragility is given by the larger and more open design of smartphones manufactured by the South Korean company.

This score has been speculated by his contestants in their favor, so saying Apple saying they will not sacrifice strength just to obtain a larger display that could break more easily, given the exemple of smartphones from Samsung's S Series.

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