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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC 8X

Until now S4 seems to be in the front of the TOP 10 smartphones of the year 2013, but even it brought so many inovations in hardware and software fields, we should take a look to its main competitors that sometimes offers a good price/features alternative.
So, let's list the main differences between the two smartphones!


Considering it as an SGS4 alternative, we can say that HTC 8X has some important uniqueness features/improvements like it's three subpixels (this means a clearer image), the operating system gets direct updates,  it has a dedicated button for its foto/video camera, the size of front camera is 2.1 Mpx and the SAR levels are safest than S4's.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Even HTC 8X has a few uniqueness aspects, we must admit that S4 is the lider of the year in smartphones industry.

So starting with S4's camera we should emphasize some features of it, like its manual ISO and White Balance, continous autofocus, panoramic photos, serial shot mode, build-in HDR, and 13 Mpx foto/video camera. Also, it has 2 GB of RAM, a higher pixel density, a better resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels), a bigger touchscreen, a dedicated slot for external storage (up to 64 GB microSD), FM radio, a higher CPU clock speed, more applications for its native installed OS, it's thinner, has a newer version of bluetooth, it supports Adobe Flash, and has a better and removable battery.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC 8X

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC 8X

I hope you can create your own opinions about S4 and 8X and to make the right chose related to your needs if you are planning to became in next future the owner of such a great smartphone. Anyway, if I would need a new smartphone, I would opt for S4, definetly, even if it's a little more expensive, the benefits are so many if I'm thinking to my needs related to the internet.

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