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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Several photos of this model have already appeared in the virtual environment, the last of them with its casing, that it will have outstanding specifications. Photos of red or black casing have already appeared from several sources, which makes us think that it is likely that they are genuine.
From the latest leaked picture it appears that this smartphone has a very similar design to S4, but in front with 3 buttons instead of one, and it will have the power button on a side and the volume control at the other side.
According to information leaked to this point, the smartphone will have an 8 MP camera, and will be available for sale under number SGH I537, most likely from June 21th this year. But now lets see how this new model actually is and what does it has different from the just released S4 smartphone.

The display will most likely have 5 inches too, a full HD super AMOLED screen with a quad core Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM, and a very high performance battery of 2600 mAh. In addition you will have other special features that will make it dust resistant and moreover, water resistant, specially features that will be very useful and will revolutionize the market.

Most important: